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‘I Am a Sheep?!?!’ Book Illustrates Why We Are Sheep and Why We Need a Shepherd

If someone were to call you a sheep, you might take offense to it. However, in the eyes of God, being His sheep is meant in a loving way as one cared for by the Good Shepherd, Jesus.

Author Debbie Cole learned of this truth during a period of struggle in her life. While practicing sheep herding with her dogs, Debbie began to notice how sheep interacted with her. Through this experience, Debbie believes God showed her the need for her to follow Jesus as a sheep that He cares for.

Her book, I AM A SHEEP?!?!, expounds on Debbie’s journey of faith in learning who she is as a child of God, a sheep of the Good Shepherd, Jesus. She combines the truths she learned with the experiences herding sheep and witnessing how sheep respond to someone they trust, like a shepherd.

Despite the valley, she was in, Debbie made time for daily bible reading and study. The twenty-third psalm from King David is what stood out to her as one capturing the essence of a believer trusting the Good Shepherd, as He leads us next to still waters and green pastures.

Readers will enjoy learning the distinct characteristics and qualities that sheep have shown through the author’s time with her flock and how parallels can be drawn between a sheep and shepherd and our relationship with God and Jesus. There are also questions at each chapter’s end to inspire thought on the topics shared.

Sheep may be seen by some as unwilling to follow their shepherd, but I AM A SHEEP?!?! proves sheep following after Jesus are following the one that loves and cares for them the most.

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Made For A Purpose Lessons From My Sheepdogs

It’s widely known that dogs are man’s best friend. But did you know that they can be one of man’s greatest teachers? There are many lessons about life we can learn from dogs, and in this inspiring book, author Debbie L. Cole presents some of them to you. Made for a Purpose: Lessons from My Sheepdogs by Debbie L. Cole shares the author’s experience of raising sheepdogs and discusses how the relationship between a sheepdog and its master relates well to people’s relationship with God, the Master. Told from the master’s perspective of working with sheepdogs, it explains the tasks and skills required to herd sheep and bring them to the shepherd and uses Scripture passages to draw parallels between dogs made for the purpose of herding sheep and Christians made for the purpose of bringing lost sheep to the Master and Good Shepherd.

As Debbie discusses several experiences with her three sheepdogs, she shows how the lessons she learned from them taught her how to live life as a follower of Christ. Each of her dogs had the skills and talents to be successful at herding sheep and serving their master, but each approached the work differently. Tux decided to be disobedient and ignore the master; Junebug chose to be as obedient as possible, always willing to serve and look for opportunities to do so; and Rascal didn’t want to work but would rather play. Including questions at the end of chapters to encourage introspection and thought, readers will be able to learn from each dog’s responses and realize that in many ways when it comes to our walk with God, we’ve done the same.

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Debboe L. Cole